DNP Ellio Co., Ltd. 【ISO 9001/ISO 14001】


Reforming corporate culture and using ISO to improve production efficiency and achieve sustainable growth.

DNP Ellio Co., Ltd. produces printed decorative steel sheets using their expertise of printing and coating technology together with a selection of proper metal substrates fit for the end purpose. These printed decorative steel sheets are used for a wide range of products and surfaces like building interiors and exteriors, vehicle interiors, home electrical appliances and elevator interior panels. With the strategic use of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, DNP Ellio has successfully improved production efficiency, achieved business growth and reduced their environmental footprint. 

  • Setup time halved, yield greatly improved
  • Changing corporate culture and becoming an organization that prizes ISO
  • Work standardization progresses, culture of constant improvement begins to take root
  • Improvement in productivity, reduction in environmental footprint
  • Advice from assessors helps further improve manufacturing accuracy

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