Just one year after the creation of the “Integrated Management System” in which all departments work together as one, loss costs were reduced by approximately 65%.

Ebara Shinwa Ltd. is a leading company in the field of cooling towers, which are a type of auxiliary machinery for air-conditioning systems. So that all of their departments can work together as one towards achieving their business objectives, they created a company-wide "Integrated Management System" in 2008. In the year that followed, they managed to realise an approximately 65% reduction in loss costs.

  • We chose LRQA for integrated assessments, as they matched our policy of wanting to employ ISO as a management tool.
  • Earning ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification according to the policies of the Ebara Group
  • Creating a company-wide Integrated Management System that includes the head office and sales offices
  • All departments are managed under the same structure, which makes it possible to comprehend the overall business situation
  • An approximately 65% reduction in loss costs
  • Aiming for further progress as the unified "Team Shinwa"

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