Hayashi Construction Co., Ltd. 【ISO 9001】


Corporate structure strengthened by resolving business challenges through FABIK assessments from LRQA Japan Stable business operations achieved by acquiring consecutive private sector orders.

Hayashi Construction Co., Ltd., has operated in Itami, Hyogo for more than 80 years, initially specializing in public sector works, but has now diversified into private sector construction projects. It has achieved internal reform by fully utilizing ISO 9001, and has resolved its business challenges by using FABIK - one of LRQA’s Business Assurance assessment methodologies. As a result, the company has continued to generate stable earnings, despite continued difficult conditions for the Japanese construction sector.

  • Business challenges resolved by effectively using FABIK
  • Creation of a quality manual with long-term usability
  • Employee proactivity enhanced due to increased motivation
  • Internal challenges resolved through FABIK
  • Higher operating stability achieved through a successful business shift from the public sector to the private sector

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