Hitachi, Ltd. Power Systems Company 【ISO 9001】


Intensive efforts toward quality, for over 100 years in business. The Headquarters was granted the Quality Excellence Award for its ‘QF21 Full Scale Initiative'.

Kokubu Production Headquarters, Hitachi, Ltd., Power Systems Company has achieved significant results from its employees’ intensive efforts to improve quality via its ‘QF21 Full Scale Initiative’. These results include a sharp reduction in defective work cost, and the prevention of A-class accidents, leading to the Headquarters being selected from all departments of Hitachi, Ltd., to receive the company’s Quality Excellence Award.

  • Substantial reduction in defective work cost, and zero A-class accidents for three years
  • To reduce defective work cost, it is important to intensify awareness of confirmation work
  • Unique, thorough, quality pursuit
  • Incisive suggestions by LRQA Japan support quality improvement

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