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Energy-saving Tuning: The energy consumption of an office building made visible. An energy saving of 37% achieved through operational improvement. 

Since the completion of its new Tokyo Head Office building in 2003, Panasonic Electric Works has taken the initiative of making its energy consumption visible to staff and visitors, and has introduced a wide range of operational improvement campaigns, collectively called ‘Energy-saving Tuning’. As a result, by 2010, it achieved an energy saving of 37% compared to the day the building was opened.

  • Panasonic Electric Works aims to become ‘the No.1 Eco-Innovation Company in the electronics industry.’
  • Construction of Panasonic’s new Tokyo Head Office was based on the concept that the building would be used for 100 years, and so included all state-of-the-art energy-saving equipment and energy measurement instruments available at the time.
  • High visibility leads to the elimination of energy-wasting practices and ensures ongoing improvement.
  • The importance of uniting energy saving with comfort cannot be overstated.
  • The future: cutting energy consumption down to 50% with ISO 14001 and LRQA Assessment.

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