Utsunomiya Industry Co., Ltd. 【ISO 14001】


Improving productivity and developing value-added products with over 700 improvement proposals a year.

Utsunomiya Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures household metal parts and automobile parts at their three production sites, including two sites in Toyokawa, Aichi, and one site in Shinshiro, Aichi. Since introducing ISO 14001, they have been actively promoting improvement activities, realizing benefits such as productivity gains, cost reductions, and the development of value-added products. 

  • Continuous improvement mindset realizes improved productivity, reduced cost
  • Using ISO 14001 as a tool for business improvement
  • Over 700 improvement proposals per year
  • Continuous improvement mindset leads to development of value-added products
  • Promotion of ‘a company that sells the "Raku" easiness’ ISO 14001 as the basis of organizational operations

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