【LRQAお知らせ】LRQA Japan is a Partner in the Export to Japan scheme alongside UK Trade & Investment Japan at the British Embassy Tokyo

Export to Japan ロゴ 1 LRQA Japan is pleased to announce their selection as a Partner in the Export to Japan scheme alongside UK Trade & Investment Japan at the British Embassy Tokyo.

Export to Japan is a unique not-for-profit partnership led by UK Trade & Investment Japan based at the British Embassy Tokyo and Consulate-General Osaka. Aiming to help UK companies connect with Japanese clients and vice versa, Export to Japan provides members with access to regular and up-to-date market information.

UK companies can use the Export to Japan scheme to find the latest market opportunities, learn how to conduct business with Japanese companies and hear insights from UK compatriots who have already made it big in the Land of the Rising Sun.

LRQA Japan, the Japanese office of the UK-based Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, was chosen to be a partner in this scheme due to their long experience within the Japanese business environment. With in-depth knowledge, experts and clients in every sector from Food and Hospitality to IT, Aerospace and Automotive, LRQA Japan is the perfect business partner for UK companies looking to break into the Japanese market.

LRQA Japan offers regular seminars on industrial and market trends, interactive training sessions and business assurance services like ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. These services provide overseas companies with the edge they need to navigate the unfamiliar landscape of the Japanese business environment, build their brand name and find new clients.

ISO Standards – Your Passport to the Japanese MarketExport to Japan 2

No matter what industry you are in, how big your company is or what clientele you serve, the greatest challenge you will face when breaking into a new market is building a reputation.
The Japanese market is notoriously inscrutable and even companies that are well established in their own countries find it hard to reach their target customer base and gain their trust.
Although the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, here at LRQA we find that both are important. Once you find those elusive key contacts, you have to impress them with your knowledge of the Japanese market and prove that your business is up to Japan’s high standards. The best way to do that is by taking advantage of LRQA’s Business Assurance services, including certification to ISO standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Business Assurance Services

- Information and Networking Seminars: Meet high-ranking representatives from some of Japan’s biggest corporations and find out first-hand the issues concerning them.

- Public and On-site Training: Learn the best practices in your industry and how to apply them in a Japanese context.

- Auditing, Certification and Verification: Gain the trust of your target market with an accredited ISO certificate showing that your company meets world-recognized standards for quality, efficiency and responsibility.

LRQA offers across-the-board specials to all Export to Japan members for each Business Assurance service.

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