しかし、ISO規格は、中小企業にとっても大手企業と同じように有益です。逆にいくつかの点では、大手より中小企業のほうが役に立つかもしれません。貴社より何百倍大きい大手と競争するために徹夜することが多いなら、ISO規格が良い解決策になるかもしれません。なぜなら、 ISO規格は、大企業と対等に競争するのに役立つからです。ISOが世界中の中小企業から行ったヒアリングによると、中小企業がISO規格から得られる10の利点は次の通りです:

  1. 大企業と対等の条件で競争できる
  2. 製品やサービスの輸出市場を開拓に役立つ
  3. よりよい商慣行を見出すことができる
  4. 事業運営の効率向上が図れる
  5. 顧客に対する信頼性を高めることができる
  6. 新たなビジネスチャンスやセールスの機会を開拓できる
  7. 競争力を与える
  8. ブランド認識の国際的認知に寄与する
  9. 会社の成長を加速することに貢献する
  10. 産業部門全体の共通言語を作ることができる

認証取得がどのように役に立つか詳細をお知りになりたい場合、また、貴社の規模、ニーズと予算に合わせたトレーニングと認証パッケージにご関心のある場合は、下記、LRQA ジャパンにご連絡ください。

10 good things that standards can do for SMEs

If you’re the owner of a small to medium sized business, you probably don’t think that ISO standards apply to you. In fact, whenever someone mentions international standards, you maybe just tune out and go back to thinking about how your little company is going to survive in today’s harsh economy. In doing so, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

ISO standards are just as beneficial to small companies as they are to large ones. In some ways, they are even more beneficial. If you spend your nights sleeplessly worrying about competing with global powerhouses hundreds of times your size, ISO standards may be your answer. Why? Because ISO standards help you compete on a level playing field with larger enterprises. That’s what the ISO found when they asked SME managers from all over the world. Here’s what those managers listed as the 10 good things that standards can do for SMEs:

  1. Standards help you compete on a level playing field with larger enterprises. 
  2. Standards open up export markets for your products and services 
  3. Standards help you discover best business practices
  4. Standards drive efficiency in your business operations
  5. Standards add credibility and confidence for your customers
  6. Standards open new business opportunities and sales
  7. Standards give you the competitive edge
  8. Standards make your brand name internationally recognized
  9. Standards help your company grow
  10. Standards enable a common “language” to be used across an industry sector

So, if you’d like to know more about how getting accredited can help your SME, check out the ISO article here. Or, talk to LRQA Japan directly for a training and accreditation package tailored to your business size, needs and budget.


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